Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Room To Grow Baby Sweater

This is a generously sized sweater knit in stretchy garter stitch, increasing the length of wear on fast growing babies. The arms and neck are wide to help parents with the challenge of wrestling clothing onto a wriggling baby. It’s easy to knit, simple and practical and the garter stitch also makes it rather cuddly. I designed it last year when I knew loads of people who were expecting babies and wanted to knit them something they could use that wasn't really fiddly. I've made six or seven of these, it's become a reliable stand by pattern for me.

To fit 0 – 3 (3 – 6) months
4mm straight needles
100g (125g) double knitting yarn
2 buttons
Crochet hook sized between 3.5mm and 4mm (optional)
Gauge: 20 sts to 4 inches of garter stitch. Row gauge isn’t necessary for this pattern – woo hoo!



Left arm

Cast on 32 (40) sts. Knit until arm measures 5 1/2 (6 1/2) inches, ending with RS facing.

Cast on for body

At the end of the current row cast on 30 (33) sts. 65 (73) sts in total.

Knit across all sts and cast on 30 (33) sts at the end of the row. 92 (106) sts in total.

Work on all 92 (106) sts until body measures 1 ½ inches, ending with WS facing.

Separate for front

Knit 46 (53) sts, slip the remaining 46 (52) sts onto waste yarn to be worked on later.

The 46 (53) sts on the needle will be the front of the sweater. Knit until front measures 8 (8 ¾) inches, ending with RS facing. Break yarn and slip the stitches for the front onto waste yarn.

Re-join for back

Slip back sts off waste yarn and onto a needle ready to be worked. Re-join yarn and knit until back measures 8 (8 ¾) inches, ending with RS facing.

Finish body

Slip front sts off waste yarn and onto a needle. Knit across front sts so that the front and back are now joined together. Knit on all 95 (106) sts until the front and back measure 9 ½ (10 ¼) inches, ending with RS facing.

Cast off for right arm

Cast off 30 (33) sts at the beginning of the next two rows. 32 (40) sts remaining.

Work on these 32 (40) sts until arm measures 5 1/2 (6 1/2) inches. Cast off.

You’ll have a piece of knitting that looks like this:


Weave in loose ends securely. Fold sweater in half into a ‘T’ shape so that the front and back are against each other and the arms are folded in half. Sew side and arm seams. Use a crochet hook  to make two 1 ½ inch lengths of crochet chain or just make a loop out of a length of yarn. Sew each chain into a loop and attach 1 inch in from each neck edge. Sew on a button on each side to correspond with the loops. Wrestle onto a baby.


  1. Saw this sweater on Ravelry and I would love to make it for charity. I just know it would be a big hit with other charity knitters because it is so simple and yet so cute! Could you be persuaded to rework it for a larger size or sizes?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, I’m chuffed that you like the pattern and I’m certainly happy to help. I’ll have a go at adding one or two larger sizes, I’ll have to try to find a size chart online so I know how big to make it and figure it out from there. I’ll update the pattern here and send you a message when I’ve done it.