Sunday, 10 March 2013

Vimto Wine

The wine making is going well; we've just bottled some white grape juice wine made using cheap Tesco grape juice which has turned out at a mighty 13% abv and have started off two more gallons today.  One is a Chardonnay kit from Wilkinsons that we've used before and which gave excellent results and the other is more of an experiment - say hello to Vimto wine.

I saw a recipe for Ribena wine here and fancied trying something similar so I've substituted Vimto for Ribena.  Apparantly it makes a strong wine and is a bit like sherry.  The yeast has frothed up and started bubbling already and I only put it in an hour ago.   

If you fancy joining me in experimental Vimto wine here's the recipe:

600ml Vimto cordial (use the regular one, not sugar free)
1kg caster sugar
1 sachet of wine yeast
1 tsp yeast nutrient
Water to top up to the neck of a one gallon demi john

Mix together the sugar, Vimto and enough water in a large saucepan to make it all less gloopy.  Boil for 10 minutes; this boils off the preservatives in the Vimto which would otherwise prevent fermentation.

Leave to cool until luke warm.  Pour about 500mls of the mixture into a jug and tip in the yeast and yeast nutrient.  Pour everything into the demi john, fill with water up to the neck and take a reading with a hydrometer so you can work out abv later on.  Fit the air lock and leave in a warm place.

That's what I've done so far.  From here on in I believe it's a case of leaving it to ferment for a couple of weeks then tasting it and checking the abv until you're happy with the sweetness and alcohol content, at which point you kill of the yeast.  Once I find out how it goes I'll finish off this recipe.  At this point the hydrometer reads 1.07 which might be too low as I've added a lot of water, but I'll find out given time.  I don't know how it will turn out but the whole thing's only cost around £2.50 to make a gallon so I won't be heartbroken if it goes wrong.  


  1. If you like making wine, a really good one is Pea Pod wine. You will find a recipe on the internet, but, basically, you buy pea pods, pod them, eat the peas but use the pods for wine. The taste is similar to Cinzano/Martini, very pleasant and nice with lemonade. I haven't made any for years, all my equipment has gone now - but I do remember enjoying this one and there is no waste!

  2. I've been wondering about that since seeing Tom's pea pod Burdandy in 'The Good Life'! So it is actually possible to make? Sounds ideal - peas and wine all for one price. That's made it to the list along with the curious recipe for parsnip sherry that I saw in 'First Steps in Wine Making'.

    1. Oh, yes, we had many enjoyable evenings with the old Pea Pod wine. But I never tried anything with parsnips. And I do have to issue a word of caution about picking blackberries, as it is true, the Devil p*ss*s on them after a certain date in October, you'll probably be able to 'google' that as well!

  3. I have never ever heard of vimto wine before!! Let us know how it tastes!