Monday, 11 July 2011

Garden being nice to me

Today I got home from work to my 'courtyard' (no grass - alas - just concrete but filled with pots of growing things) and there were several nice surprises waiting for me. The first was a big red poppy growing in the patch of wildflowers in the corner:

Then I saw that more of the sweet peas were blooming:

And that the first godetia had flowered, revealing stunning bright pink petals in a gorgeous pattern:

The best thing, though, was this:

A bunch (bouquet?) of freshly picked spring onions, which I quickly chopped up to go into egg fried rice for dinner. Spring onions are so stupidly easy to grow and they need hardly any space; my ana used to grow them in the tiny, narrow gap between their lawn and their flower beds and I can see how. I've got about 50 growing in one trough and and 20 ish in a medium sized pot. Plus the seeds are cheap (76p for around 450 seeds - what?!) and taste fantastic. 

Awww, I love my spring onions.

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