Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tea (cosy) and Crumpets

Yesterday I made a fine big batch of crumpets and finished a fine big tea cosy. The tea cosy is from this pattern and took me longer to make than I expected. It's garter stitch, which made me think it would knit up fast, but the stranding on every row slowed me down. I sped up once I got into the rhythm of it though and I love the finished cosy. I made it using leftover stash yarn so it feel like I made it for free. It didn't look right until I added the pom pom; sometimes you just need a pom pom in your life.

The crumpets are from this recipe from The Hairy Bikers. They were light and tasted good but when I next make them I'll add a little more salt and definitely more bicarb of soda. I want to get them bubbly on top so they absorb butter better, the function of a good crumpet. I love that you can make crumpets at home; there are lots of things that I've got so used to buying that making them myself for the first time is a revelation. And there's so little to crumpets; I made 12 for the price of a cheap, bog standard, pack of 6 supermarket crumpets with very little fuss or effort. Go thrift!

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  1. I've been wanting to give these a go, because I love crumpets, but had not yet found myself a recipe. Delighted to give this one a try.