Monday, 12 September 2011

Crumpets and Crochet

I made my second attempt at crumpets at the weekend and they turned out much better than the last ones - more bubbly on top, squishy in the middle and with a spot on flavor. This time around I used this recipe which is written with true crumpet loving zeal. It's the sort of thing where they're tricky to cook in just the right way, but I'm getting better at it. I would have taken a picture but they all got eaten with masses of butter and a great deal of employment.

I took advantage of the last bit of Summer weather to do some crocheting in the sun.

All the squares on my granny blanket are joined together now and I've started the massive boarder. I decided to make the blanket larger, seeing as I had plenty of yarn in my stash, by making it 12 x 14 squares rather than 12 x 12, so that's 168 squares altogether. It's been a yarn guzzling beast, and god knows what it weighs even without the boarder. Sewing in all the little fiddly ends of yarn is a pain in the bum but I'm just doing it a few squares at a time so it's ok.  I keep laying it out to admire all the colours together and on each occasion the cats have given it their blessing by attempting to sleep on it.


  1. Oh, OK, so perhaps I will try this recipe instead!

  2. I really recommend this one, though be warned - once you've made your own all other crumpets will seem pale and insignificant.