Monday, 19 September 2011


My head and body have been feeling sluggish recently so I've decided it's time for a detox. As of today myself and a colleague are trying a week long detox to clear out the rubbish and start afresh. It's going to be hard as I'm in the habit of snacking but a week of clearing out toxins and breaking away from bad habits, such as munching through biscuits when bored at work and thinking that healthy is having just one cake a day, will do me good.

To keep pace with the physical detox I also 'detoxed' my craft cupboard on Saturday, following a big success last weekend clearing out food cupboards. Here's what it looked like before clearing it out:

And here it is after the clear out:

I cleared out lots of old leaflets and cards for recycling and a large stack of magazines and a bag of bits and pieces for a charity shop. Oh the novelty of being able to see what I've got and get to it without everything falling out of the cupboard. Next I'm going to attempt another cupboard and (shudder) the wardrobe.

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