Thursday, 1 September 2011

Typical knitter

The chill in the air this week saw me looking for a sweater on my lunch break yesterday as, for someone who spends much of her spare time playing with wool, I have a woefully under stocked Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Here’s my thought process as I looked around the shops:
1)      Millets – warm fleecy sweaters in my price range but not very interesting.
2)      Primark – fashionable acrylic monstrosities within my budget. No.
3)      Charity shops – very little cooler weather stock on the rails.
4)      Hang on, I’m a knitter. Maybe I could make myself something instead…
5)      …but it would take a while.
6)      Not if I use chunky yarn.
7)      And I need a project to work on when I go away over the weekend for three days since my granny square blanket is now far too big to lug around with me (yes, you spotted it – the birth of an excuse to buy yarn).
8)      The yarn shop – seven balls of Sweet Briar chunky and a pattern for a long cardigan.
9)      Back at work – one of my colleagues pointed out that it’s cold now, so even though it’s a fabulous colour I may have been better off bypassing the yarn and buying a sweater I can wear immediately. She had a valid point – but non the less I have a big bag of yarn and I’m happy.

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