Saturday, 8 October 2011

Back From My Hols

I got back from the seaside yesterday and although we were only away for four nights we packed a lot in. Whilst in and near Mablethorpe we experienced great weather...

...local heritage...

..and unusual beauty spots...

The beaches in that part of the Lincolnshire coast are beautiful, a mixture of seaside postcard and more natural. Whilst strolling along the sunny beach in Skegness we saw a wild grey seal popping it's head out of the water (it vanished back down again every time I tried to take a picture). There were loads of hares in the caravan park so it was great seeing them, and we met a very friendly, soft and fluffy beach donkey in Cleethorpes that tried to nick our greasy, sugary doughnuts. We visited the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and oohed and ahhhed at rescued baby seals.

We enjoyed cooking good food in our cosy caravan each night then snuggling up to drink wine and watch a vast amount of 'Carry On' films. My finished granny square blanket came in handy on the last night when the temperature dropped more than it had all week.

I finished the socks I was working on and the leg of the first sock of one of the Christmas pairs.I made progress on the long cardigan but I'm finding it a bit of a slog.

We both picked up second hand bargains whilst we were away. I got these two big glass jars for £1 each to put my flour in so I don't have to have scratty flour bags sitting on the kitchen shelf, and Mr CB purchased a fine pipe for £4 from Ye Olde Curiosity Museum -  a packed, bizarre and fascinating cross between a museum, a shop and an attic full of miscellaneous treasure and nonsense.

With all the trips to the beach, exploring, seeing new things and spending all our time together it's been a fun, cheap and very cheerful holiday and we both had a great time.


  1. My kind of holiday, looks lovely, looks like you had great weather and nothing like a good 'carry on' film under a blanket.

  2. My kind of holiday too. Beautiful photos. Thanks for becoming my latest follower- it means I found your lovely blog. x