Friday, 21 October 2011

Internet time

It’s been strange not posting for a while but it’s taken over a week to get the laptop repaired and now we’re waiting for a new charger to arrive as that broke too. I’ve missed the convenience of being able to do things like look up coach tickets and things, and I’ve missed posting here and keeping up to date on the blogs I follow, but not having access to the internet at home has had unexpected benefits too.

For the last week I’ve had more time in the evenings. Time that would usually be spent browsing online, often aimlessly, has been spent talking, knitting, baking bread, and reading. Me and my husband have given each other more time and attention and that’s benefited both of us. My evenings after work have seemed longer and I’ve slept better as I’ve not been taking in loads of information just before going to bed.

So much for the benefits, but what will happen when we get internet access at home again? We’ve discussed it and agreed that we don’t want to fall into the internet attention and time sucking trap again, but how do we stop it from happening? I havn’t figured that out yet but it is certainly on my mind. I think the best we can do is just keep an eye on ourselves and be aware of the issue. Sometimes recognising that something is happening can be enough to alter things.

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