Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lotherton Hall

It was a beautiful day here so after a lovely long lie in (or knit in in my case, as I usually end up knitting for a couple of hours whilst Mr Crafty Blueberry snoozes) we filled a Thermos with soup and went to Lotherton Hall. It was a fun and cheap day out because for £3.70 (paid for parking) we visited the large Bird Garden, the 12th century chapel, the deer park and walked around the estate and gardens. It was a fine Autumn day and I enjoyed having a slow, easy stroll around.

There are deer there in the distance, honest
With all the warm weather lately I'd almost forgotten how stunning Autumn is, and I'm uplifted by all that there is to see, even when I'm just walking to work. I'm apprehensive about Winter though; the cold, the dark and the I'll be buying ice boots and following this series of posts on Thrifty Household with interest.  I try to see the good things about Winter every year, and as I result I get through the season more cheerfully than I once did, so I'm on the look out for any resources that can help. If only there wasn't so much ice though - it makes living on top of a hill rather tricky!

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