Sunday, 2 October 2011

Holiday, socks and crumpets (again)

This will be my last post until next weekend as - yay! - I'm going on my hols. Me and Mr Crafty Blueberry are going to stay in a caravan at the seaside and are both looking forward to in immensely.  The granny square blanket is very nearly done so it can join us on our jaunt. I'll be using all the time in the car to finish a pair of birthday socks and start knitting socks for Christmas (3 pairs this year) and I'm bringing the long cardigan to work on too. Today we'll be packing then tomorrow morning we'll be off to the sea.

I made my third batch of crumpets yesterday and, after changing the recipe based on the two batches I've made so far, they came out just right. The only issue was that I didn't grease the crumpet rings enough and they came out very ragged around the edges so despite having inner beauty they look terrible, thus no piccies here today. We had a barbecue last night (I can't believe how warm it was) and toasted the crumpets on it at the end; buttery barbecued crumpets really work. A friend put chocolate spread her's and Mr CB followed, but I don't know if I'm open minded enough to embrace this modern approach to crumpetry yet. 

Farewell for now, I hope to return with pics of the finished granny square blanket, progress made on the long cardigan and feeling refreshed and full of sea air.


  1. I am totally in awe of anybody who can knit, so knitting socks- well that's a whole different league! AND homemade crumpets too...

  2. They're both things that look like they're going to be difficult, then you give them a go and see that they're more straight forward than you imagined. Also, sock knitting is highly addictive - if you try it, be warned!