Sunday, 12 February 2012

From Cold To Cosy

It's been a fun weekend, starting with a spa in Knaresborough with a Living Social voucher, then chips for lunch and a stroll through the castle and by the river.

We got reeeeeeeeelly cold so then we bought a fabulous and over the top cake each from Hirsts bakery and went home to warm up.

Ahhhhh, lovely.

Oh, and I also checked my rewards total on the Valued Opinions survey site and found out I'd accumulated £10 which I redeemed on an Amazon voucher and used it to buy an embroidery book I'd had on my wish list, which felt like getting it for free. Bonus!


  1. Hi just found your lovely blog. Love the pics of Knaresborough, brought back memories, we had relations there, but they moved, but always enjoyed visiting, the cake looks devine! Julie xxx

  2. It sounds like a perfect weekend. One day I would so love to visit England and stay in little towns. Oh and the cake...YUMMY!!

  3. I love all the small towns around here - full of hidden treasures like irresistible bakeries and interesting markets. There's always somewhere to visit and something to see. That cake really was divine...ahh, it was true cakey love.