Monday, 20 February 2012

Three Simple Pleasures

Three simple pleasures to share with you today.

 A bowl of hyacinth bulbs just starting to put out shoots: 

A bunch of bright yellow daffodils on the coffee table: 

A big basket full of yarn waiting to be made into something:

What have been your simple pleasures today?


  1. Having flowers in the house really lifts the spirits. It's one of my aims for 2012 to have more flowers around the house and I've had a continual supply so far.

  2. Lovely simples pleasures you have, today mine have been arranging some spring bulbs in the front window and making some little cards. Julie xxx

  3. Enjoying a cup of coffee and surfing the net...oh and not starting work till noon:)

  4. All very appealing simple pleasures, thanks for sharing them with me.