Saturday, 2 June 2012

Catching up

Well, after another lapse into non-blogging laziness I've turned up again, having given the blog a bit of a refreshing make over. So, time for a swift catch up.

I got transferred from a temporary contract (that had been running for over 2 1/2 years) to a permanent one. So relieved! Mr CB's income's still very low as business is so slow so it makes a big difference to our peace of mind to know that my income's stable and ongoing.

We're now the proud co-owners of a set of ladders. A couple of friends needed some for decorating and so did we so we split the cost and brought a set between us. This means we now have no excuse for not getting on with choosing colours and getting started.

I made Mr CB cringe slightly when I bought my new toys for the house and garden - a long handled brush and pan and a spray bottle, both in the brightest of bright pinks. Seeing as house work has to be done I may as well have bright coloured tools to use.

The garden isn't as packed full of pots as it usually is at this time of year, the bad weather has delayed the planting. But I've got spring onions, garlic, strawberries, salad leaves, radishes and lots of flower shoots. I've found on the internet that raspberries can be grown in large tubs so I'm looking forward to having a go, but more on that later when I've got the plants. I'm also looking into Autumn/Winter planting so I can have some early flowers next year and maybe some food growing over winter.

I'm trying to battle the huge amount of greenfly that have descended on everything by spraying them with washing up liquid in a (bright pink!) spray bottle with water. So far so good, and I'm pleased because I won't use harsh chemicals, especially where food plants are concerned. The snails however are causing problems. There are so many this year! They've biting the heads off my seedlings and causing snaily havoc all over the place and I don't know what to do about them. 

I'm planning on getting a compost bin, it seems like a waste not to get one. The cheapest I've seen is this one in Wilkinsons for £20 so I'll get it soon and start composting at last. Free compost!

I was very excited when I went to the library last week and found a book called 'Back to Front' which is about growing food in the front gardens of back to back houses. It's full of useful information and local contacts to help people grow food cheaply in their front yards, and it's inspired me to try some different things, like the raspberries, and to use the shady bits of my yard I havn't used before by choosing the right plants. The Back to Front website is down at the moment but if it starts up again I'll post a link because they really do provide all the info you need for growing stuff in a small yard or garden.

Since last posting I've finished a knitted sweater and a crocheted blanket, and have been working on socks and two good sized baby blankets. I love the blanket and still aren't sick of granny squares!

In other news...
I've found bargains galore, including 3 Alfred Meakin bowls for £1.80:

A set of 4 crystal wine glasses in excellent condition for £2:

Also an unexpected bargain in the form of:

Tesco Everyday Value Baby Shampoo for 9p. 


I'd read good reviews of it and for that much it had to be worth trying. So far so good - very gentle on my hair, thick, lathers nicely and leaves my hair feeling clean, which is all I could ask for. I recommend trying it for yourself - for 9p if you don't like it you could always use it up by using it as hand wash liquid for delicate clothing or even for cleaning with.

Aside from bargain hunting I've been on some trips out (visited Durham for the first time and it's lovely) and have been trying to make my lunch breaks more interesting. Two of my lunch times last week took me to the Leeds Art gallery where I really enjoyed looking at an exhibition of Fiona Rae's paintings (her website is here).

We go in search of our Dream... - Fiona Rae

So that was a bit of a catch up on all the things I meant to post about at the time but didn't. 

Tata for now,


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