Thursday, 28 June 2012

Making, mending, decluttering

My home and head are in major need of de-cluttering. My home's such a mess I feel unsettled and uncomfortable when I'm there, which gets me stressed and tired out. I read this article ages ago and adopted the approach of doing 5 minutes of de-cluttering a day and it worked well until I fell back into old habits. I slipped when winter came along and I didn't want to do anything but hide under a blanket on the sofa so it's about time I got started again and caught up. As an incentive I'm going to track my own progress here so I can see how much I've done when I look back. So, to begin:
Boxes in the bottom of the wardrobe = 1 bag to donate, 1/2 bag for the bin.
Bathroom basket = handful of old nail polishes, old packaging.
Jewellery box = handful of jewellery I've not worn for an age.
Pile of crap at the bottom of the wardrobe = 2 bags to donate, one bag for the bin.
A few minutes here and there has made a noticeable difference already, if only my good intentions stick. Flushed with success I also mended some clothes that had been on the mending pile for a tad too long and made a batch of easy curry paste - one for tea and three for the freezer. I know it's just a start but getting a few things done has made me feel more on top of things.

Later; editing this to add that I've just read Frugal Queen's post 'Deep cleansing with a financial fast' and it sums up the kind of organisation I'm after - organising my space and my mind by cutting out the crap in terms of what I buy and hoard.


  1. Thanks for sharing the article on de-cluttering - very thought-provoking! I'm looking around here as I type and *ahem* it looks like I have some work to do!!

    Best Wishes

  2. Hello I'm a new follower, I've just found your lovely blog and read it from the beginning.

    I'm trying to declutter too.. will have a read of the article you linked to.

    Julie x