Friday, 8 June 2012

Simple happy things today

1) Spending my lunch break getting deeply absorbed in a book rather than wandering around the shops

2) Feeding the ducks at Tarnfield Park (which was deserted because of the dull, windy weather) after work and spotting this little family huddled on the bank:

3) Sitting in the warm car, drinking a flask of coffee and watching planes take off:

4) Crocheting a New Thing (terrible light right now so no pic yet) and chatting with Mr CB whilst he plays a computer game.

5) Gathering together lots of pictures on Pinterest to pander to my current fixation on pink and turquoise.

6)  A G&T with lots of ice within easy reach.


  1. Oh, I'm SO happy to read that another grown-up (without the excuse of having kids in tow) enjoys feeding ducks too!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new crochet thing.....

  2. You're never too old to feed the ducks!