Thursday, 2 August 2012

De-cluttering Part 1 – Preparing

I’ve been doing a lot of de-cluttering and whilst there’s still a way to I’ve got better at it than I was and for once I’ve been motivated to keep going with it. This is the first of two posts I’m writing to tell you the things that have helped me on my way. So, onwards to part one…

Motivation; take a moment to think about why you want to de-clutter. Maybe you dream of turning a clogged up spare room into your craft room or want space to drag out your old exercise bike so you can get fit, or maybe it’s because it will allow you to enjoy your home rather than feeling like all that stuff is about to swamp you (this is what kicked me into action). Write that goal down and underneath keep track of your progress. When your motivation flags it can give you a boost to remember why you started in the first place and how much stuff you’ve binned or given away.

Mind-set; by making the decision to clear out the things you don’t want you’re doing something remarkably positive for yourself. This is your chance to re-claim your physical space, make it yours and transform it into a place you can enjoy spending time in – all for free. By de-cluttering you take control of things, rather than things controlling you. For me de-cluttering from basement to attic has given me an insight into the kinds of things I buy and hold onto and what I spend money on. It’s also a liberating experience to get rid of stuff you don’t really want but have hung onto out of habit, such as clothes that don’t fit or for other reasons, like unwanted gifts. You can also uncover buried treasure, like those six bottles of shampoo you bought on special offer two years ago and dumped in the bottom of the wardrobe because there was nowhere else to put them. Having a clear out can also create extra mental space -  your home can often reflect your head and vice versa, so a clear out can be a detox for your mind as well as your home.

Inspiration; search out blogs and forums with other people who’ve taken up a de-cluttering campaign of their own. Seeing photos of other people’s de-cluttering results can inspire you to crack on.

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