Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fun with offal

Today I broke virgin territory by cooking with offal for the first time, in the form of pigs liver. I used Frugal Queen's recipe for faggots and it was a whole new experience - a bit bloody but with tasty results. I halved the ingredients used in the original recipe because I don't have a big enough mixing bowl, saucepan or roasting trays to make the full 28. I miscalculated with the liver and forgot to half the amount but I'm glad I did because it's added to the flavour and bulked out the flavour for hardly any cost.

375g Pork mince = £2
538g Pigs liver = 57p
275g Value bacon = 97p
1/2 pack Value gravy granules = 10p
2 packs Value stuffing 30p
1/2 bag value onions = 35p

Total = £4.29 for 16 faggots = 27p each

They are tasty, porky and very rich indeed. I feel stuffed now! I didn't think liver would taste so rich or go so wonderfully soft and tender.

We've eaten 4 for dinner tonight and I've frozen the rest in three batches of four. Unusual, frugal and yummy!

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