Friday, 17 August 2012


Mr Crafty Blueberry did some of wildlife spotting from the sofa today when this little chap scuttled through our yard and past the open door:

After traversing our yard 'Denis' went back to the park again then headed next door and tried on a takeaway container in the manner of a hermit crab:

Then a couple of the young street urchins were getting interested in it. They're a curious, Lord Of The Flies bunch so Mr CB picked up the hedgehog in a towel and moved it back to the park before it got barbecued in a sacrifice to their savage gods.

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  1. Oh isnt he cute? I love to see hedgehogs about and at my old garden we had a resident one that lived ( I think ) in the compost heap. You could always hear him rustling through the plants when it was dusk.