Friday, 28 September 2012

A quickie

A quick update on current projecty bits today. I made a couple of Christmas cakes last Sunday using this straightforward recipe from Being Penny Wise . I'll be 'feeding' them with brandy every week leading up to Christmas so they should be good and boozy by the time the festive season get's going!

Speaking of which, we've bottled our quick brew wine, racked off the strawberry wine into a fresh demijohn (we havn't got enough bottles yet to bottle it all) and racked off the mead to give it a second clearing.

We've called the wine we bottled today 'Isaac 2012' as it was ready on the same day that our friend's son Isaac made his first appearance in the wide world after a long and arduous labour.

Plenty of wine for wetting the baby's head!
The blue Christmas blanket is coming along nicely - I've joined all the squares and am crocheting the border now. I'm already planning the next blanket - so many possibilities where the good old granny square is concerned.

I've been reading about the planets for my astrology course and am finding it interesting so far. Interesting enough to read it in the bath too, a sure sign of enjoyable reading.


  1. Your wine looks delicious! We haven't racked any into bottles yet. The elderflower is still clearing and the elderberry is still bubbling. I was going to make Rowan Rose but didn't get enough Rowans. If I get 5 minutes before they all go over maybe I will! How did the cake come out? Was it a big one or several small ones?