Sunday, 9 September 2012

One month in pictures - Days 22 and 23

I had a day off from posting a picture a day yesterday as it was my 5th wedding anniversary and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. Mr CB surprised me with breakfast and buck fizz in bed then we went for a walk near by and picked blackberries. It was a good haul and we had enough to make a crumble today and freeze two bags. How relaxing it is to pick blackberries - standing in the sun picking them, wandering from patch to patch.

Later we went for a nice meal then sat in the garden drinking cocktails and enjoying looking at the stars.

Today we went to the Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza (there's a great word that doesn't get used enough!). Lots of impressive old vehicles, stalls, charities - and ferret racing!

The racing was to promote a local ferret rescue charity. The ferrets were relaxed and happy being handled (and cuddled!) and all in all seemed very contented with life:

We saw these dogs too. They raise money for animal welfare charities and are Huge.

After dinner we went for a walk and enjoyed the view.

 It's been a weekend full of unexpected good things. 

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