Sunday, 7 October 2012

Onwards to week two of Stoptober

I've had a fun and cheap weekend of foraging for elderberries at long last, discovering that there's a large WW2 bunker in the park next door (closed off but there's an intriguing mound piled over it that we poked around on), having a friend visit and going on a near by ghost hunt (not cheap but paid for in full a couple of months ago). I've also been a useful little blueberry and started off a batch of elderberry, blackberry and raspberry wine and batch cooked 4 work lunches and 8 dinners (beef bolognaise, cottage pie and butter chicken). The wine makes use of the blackberries we picked and froze on our wedding anniversary and a load of raspberries we got for 35p awhile back. I'm pleased with the batch cooking as I've stretched £4 of beef to 4 x 2 person cottage pies, two meals worth of bolognaise and three burgers (the burgers are 100% beef but the bolognaise has oats to thicken it and add fibre, and the pies have pearl barley and veg mixed in).

I'm pretty happy with how the first week of Stoptober has gone. I've spent about £10 because I bought a work shirt from a charity shop and went swimming on Friday (expensive at £4.50 but I really enjoy it), and a drink and a pasty on Saturday (ooo, splashing out!). This is a big improvement on how I usually spend money; I've not nipped into any shops for 'just a quick look' or browsed Ebay or Amazon. There are a couple of little things I'd like to get for myself but they're non-essential and I'm determined to get used to walking away and seeing if I still want it a week or two later.

 This week I've got to pay the dentist £70, the library £6 (lost track of how many library books I'd got out, I could kick myself) and I need a new small flask for a long coach journey at the end of the week; it works out cheaper that the coffees I'll end up buying when I go there and back otherwise! I also need some milk and fruit. I've been reading other bloggers Stoptober plans and it's great motivation to stick with it. Right, so, I feel prepared for week two now and feel that I can improve on last week, dentist bill not included. 

Keep up the good work for week two everyone!

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  1. You are doing really well! I have succumbed as I bought a ceramic santa in TK Maxx, also had to buy a pressie for a friends daughters baby.Two birthdays too later in the month so really although I'm not spending too frivolously I'm not doing too well!