Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Day one of Stoptober and I've spent money! But in my defence £2 was towards re-stocking the tea and coffee drawer I share with a work colleague and £1 was for a pack of foil tins for when I do some batch cooking later this week (good for freezing cottage pies and fruit crumbles etc in) so I don't feel like I've 'frittered'.

The stockpile shop arrived tonight - it's huge! Should keep us going for awhile, we'll just need some fresh fruit, veg, meat and milk every week. The only trouble is we havn't really got room for it. Every cupboard is crammed full and it looks like we're prepared for a siege zombie lockdown/nuclear winter/hibernation. I shall have to scavenge some cardboard boxes from work when they're being chucked out to use for basement storage for tins and bottles. Mr CB looked a tad surprised when it was all unpacked and our living room was knee deep in provisions. But if it stops me from nipping to the shop for a tin of tomatoes and coming back with three bags of 'bargains' then it'll be worth it. The next step is to cook some batch meals for the freezer to have in for after work - I love all the free time that I can free up in an evening by preparing food in advance, especially in Winter when the evenings feel shorter anyway.

Yesterday I found a stash of bread flour and yeast that I bought months ago when it was buy one get one free in Tesco so I'm going to make bread rather than buy loaves until the flour runs out. I think I've got enough flour to make bread until Spring...! I got the bread maker out last night and tested the waters with a small white loaf. I used basil olive oil instead of plain oil and added dried basil too. It's soft and full of flavour; I could definitely get used to this.


  1. Sounds as if overall , you are off to a really good start !!
    There are times when you are trying to get something like this to work- you have to spend a bit more !! Tin pans, oil, or some other true pantry staple...
    I may even try and have a go at this 'Stoptober'...
    Keep up the wonderful ideas !!

  2. It's a great feeling when the cupboards are all stocked up, especially at this time of year!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger