Monday, 1 October 2012


Inspired by Frugal Queen (who isn't?!) and her mission to make October into Stoptober where finances are concerned, I've decided to join in and see if I can cut back needless spending this month. My bank account took a big start of month battering today with bills to pay, a big stockpiling grocery shop of non-perishables to last a couple of months, a textbook I need for my course (searched around and got it £5 cheaper than on Amazon though!) and an extra large credit card payment to get the debt dropping fast.

When the shopping gets delivered tomorrow night I'll have a kitchen and basement full of food and I'll just need to buy fresh stuff as and when. I've got a house filled with pre-paid entertainment - books, dvds, yarn, internet - and access to free exercise in the form of weights, sit ups etc and a big park next door, so when I think about it there isn't really much excuse for spending this week.

Let's see if I manage to behave...


  1. Ah well, so far so good. I didnt spend anything yesterday!

  2. Good going. I am on track too with a house full of food stores and a freezer full. No need for me to buy anything unnecessary this month, although the only exception I make is if I happen to see a bargain Christmas present for someone, as I don't want to have to buy all of those at the last minute, but I am not going out looking, just keeping my eyes open in case.

  3. Excellent, hopefully we can all cheer each other on.