Saturday, 10 November 2012

101 Goals in 1001 Day - November 2012 update

Completed goals: 12
Goals in progress: 15
Days so far: 88
Days to go: 914

I've not done a 101 goals update for awhile but have been working away on them in the mean time. I have to confess that I've changed a couple of them; some of them, in hind site were 'fillers' - there because they seemed like an ok idea, but not something I really want or need to do. So I've made some revisions and I'm happier with my list now.

Completed (the ones that spring to mind)

12) Make a one page SAD action plan for Winter 2012; I'm glad I put this on my list as it pushed me to get it done. I've learnt more about SAD and feel better able to cope with it this Winter. Still worried though as despite my efforts I think. It's creeping in, but time will tell if any of the stuff I've found out makes a difference this year. I'm keeping a track of it so I'll see.

37) Make bread instead of buying it; I dusted off the bread maker (literally) for this one.My bread maker belonged to my sister, then my mum and finally me, so it's certainly earned it's keep! We havn't bought bread for three weeks and I'm enjoying trying out different recipes. The bread's so tasty and I can make little 1lb loaves in the machine, which is the perfect size for two. It's good being able to control what goes into a loaf too; I hadn't thought about all the crap in a commercial loaf until I began using my bread machine regularly.

49) Have a Winter trip away for one night in a cosy B&B; We did this last week with a cheap voucher we bought a couple of months ago. We stayed in The Red Lion in Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales. The wind howled, the mist fell and we felt very cosy and relaxed.

87) Register with a dentist and have a check up; I put this off for 14 years! I set this goal and still kept putting it off because I was scarred of getting told off by the dentist for not going. Then a big chunk of tooth broke off so that decided it for me! It was all fine, the surgery was sort of shabby but clean and comfortable, and I had a kindly dentist who played relaxing classical music.

My main priority at the moment is goal one - 'Begin astrology course and work towards qualification'. So far so good, it's a very interesting course but I need to settle down and write my essays sooner! I tend to put them off as I never know where to start. Well there's no time like the present so I'm going to finish here and go and get started. Grrrr, here I go!

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  1. Well done with all your goals. Glad you enjoyed the Red Lion at Burnsall! We went with groupon early this year and loved it too.