Monday, 7 January 2013

Cheap as chips...and eggs

I really fancied egg and chips for tea and Mr CB made a very nice meal of it by poaching fresh free range eggs and making chips. I had mine with baked beans and he had his with mushy peas and it was heavenly, it really hit the spot. We were surprised afterwards when we worked out how little it had cost us. Also, because he used spray oil and baked the chips instead of frying them it was fairly healthy.

Eggs 80p (20p each)
Beans 14p (half a can)
Mushy peas 9p (half a can)
Potatoes 25p (approx)

Around £1.28, so it was 64p each plus gas for the hobs and electric for the oven. That's definitely going to become a regular with us, Mr Crafty Blueberry's Gormet Egg and Chips.

What are your favourite cheap meals? Have you ever surprised yourself by making something especially tasty out of cheap and simple ingredients?


  1. Eggs are so versatile. I love egg & chips also, boiled egg & soldiers and omelette are particular favourites too.

  2. Gosh we love eggs..our chickens lay between 2-4 a day..egg and chips is a firm fave..or omlettes..have so many eggs sometimes i am stuck for ideas but never grumble as i am grateful to have them.

  3. Mmmmmmm - egg and chips!!! Yummy!!! I ordered a kid's meal for myself in a pub the other day. It was sausage and chips. Cheap & cheerful - and I'd forgotten how completely delicious!!! ;-)

  4. That sounds like a slimming world recipe! One of my favourites too.I love the one cal spray for frying, its brilliant when you are calorie counting.

  5. We like egg, chips and tinned tomatoes with bread to mop up the juices!
    Love from Mum