Thursday, 24 January 2013

It Begins...

This is how it starts:

First you adopt a cat.

Then a second cat adopts you and starts living in your yard.

The second cat moves in.

Some cats move in across the road.

They become obsessed with gaining access to your home and spend every waking hour in your yard.

These two cats sit on the outside of your living room window sill and your two cats sit on the inside; they're all gazing out in the same direction.

You go outside one day and are surrounded by cats. Two from your house, two from across the road and a new comer who's fascinated by your home and sits in the garden watching it. You have the feeling that there's another watching from the bushes. But you can't be sure.

Congratulations! You now look like a mad old cat lady.


  1. Cats only like nice people. Perhaps the second cat that got itself adopted told the other cats?

  2. I don't have cats, but I found your post really funny! You must be doing something right!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Funny! :-)
    You're not secretly Catwoman by night, are you?

  4. Ahh they are so cute. Cats are such gorgeous creatures.

  5. can't be crazy cat lady..thats my neighbour..she only has one cat of her own..and the 5 cats from her neighbour have moved in..must be because she actually looks after sweet to see them all together in her window sill waiting for her to get home..bless her..she is well loved by them.