Monday, 4 February 2013

What the hell is it?


Ok, it may look like I've decided to pile up some rubbish on our coffee table for no apparent reason, but it's actually my sweet pea propagator and what it lacks in looks it makes up for in value; six loo roll tubes in a plastic mushroom tub covered in plastic wrap that I got from Tesco Home Panels for free to test. It takes up less space than separate pots but should give the sweet pea seedlings the long root space they need before I plant them out. Yes Mr Crafty Blueberry, there was actually a reason I was saving loo roll tubes, I hadn't cracked up after all. Yet.


  1. Its a great idea to give them an early start. I must admit I havent thought about sowing anything yet!

  2. I'd completely forgotten until I read that Frugal Living UK was planting his. First year I've ever planted them on time!

  3. I was saving my toilet paper rolls for an art project but this might be a better use :)