Saturday, 20 April 2013


All my materials for the Celestarium shawl arrived this week so this morning I settled down on the sofa and cast on.  The circular cast on gave me some trouble (I found a helpful video here) but I figured it out in the end.  There are pages and pages of charts, which get longer as the circular shawl is knit outwards from the center.  I'm on the 'D' charts at the moment; Ursa Minor is complete and other constellations are emerging.  

I'm using Blacker Classic 4-ply yarn in navy, which is a British yarn spun from Blue Faced Leicester fleece blended with Lleyn or Charolais fleece.  I havn't knit with pure wool for ages and this is reminding me how good it feels to work with.  After this I may be a bit spoilt!

I think I'm going to enjoy making it, although it's a high attention project; certainly not the mindless knitting I've got used to doing.


  1. Good luck with your shawl; it's certainly a high attention project and one I think I'd probably chicken out of! Will look forward to hearing about how you get on.

  2. Cant wait to see the finished article. If it is a high concentration garment to make that would rule me out. I have the concentration span of a goldfish at the moment.

  3. I've just realised your project is microcosmic :) with special significance as NASA has just managed to 'view' the beginnings of the Universe as it appears 'now' - which really spaces me out, excuse the pun. Good luck with it x