Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Free clothes! (Well, kind of)

I'd become bored with the contents of my wardrobe and wanted to revitalise it but, like most of us who are trying to cut spending, an overhaul was totally out of the question.  Deciding that a change is as good as a rest I pulled a pile of tops out of my wardrobe yesterday and paired them up with a plain skirt and tried different accessories to see if I could come up with new outfits.

After 15 minutes of swapping and changing I came up with three new outfits using the same skirt as a 'base' and spotted 'gaps'; a couple of basics that I need to replace because they're either worn out or fit badly. So, three new outfits for free;  not bad seeing as I was uninspired by what I had before I started.

As well as coming up with new combinations it helped me to weed out all the clothes I like but which are so unflattering that I rarely or never wear them and, worse, the ones that I don't like much but which are convenient.   You know the kind of things you hang onto because even though they make you look/feel crap you can't afford to replace them?  That can't be healthy!  When I think of all the times I go out wearing something that crushes little shoots of self-esteem when I see myself in a full-length mirror, just because it's there in my wardrobe and I can't think what else to put on...ugh, not worth it.  

Say no to unnecessary trips to the shops and shop your clothes stash!  Chances are you've got some lovely accessories you never wear and pairings of clothes that unexpectedly work together in a way that's truly 'you'.  Get into that wardrobe and prepare to be surprised*.

(*Or find Narnia, whichever comes first)

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  1. I totally agree with you there. I have been through my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago and found stuff that I had forgotten about.Of course it helps I have lost nearly a stone in weight so I can get back into a lot of them!