Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Sunshine

We visited Rodley Nature Reserve today and enjoyed the open space, sunshine, late flowers, and the trees covered in fruits and seeds.  This nature reserve is on ex-industrial land which is now a lush, varied habitat for a wildlife.  There's a small visitors centre run by volunteers selling hot drinks and cakes and it's a get away in the middle of houses and businesses, net to a canal and river.

Chances are that wherever you live you're not far from a nature reserve, you might just not know it as they're often hidden away, but there are 1500 nature reserves in the UK.  They're good spaces to get close to nature and are a free place for a stress-free day out, especially if you go armed with a picnic.  If you go to Natural England you can search by county to find your nearest one.

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  1. Its been beautiful sunny weather today, a perfect day for a nature reserve.