Thursday, 10 October 2013

Let the game begin...

I've collected information about Seasonal Affective Disorder, blogged about it, ordered a new light box (a wearable visor infact).  Now that Britain's seen the first cold weather and dull mornings of the year I can see that it's time to make my personal plan.  This includes planning...

...what habits I need to put in place (exercises etc) I can streamline my morning routine
...any changes I could do with making to how and what I eat
...specific events to look forward to through Winter to take pressure off myself as my energy dips cold weather clothes and shoes or repairs to existing ones

Fortunately I LOVE making lists!  I've been a list maker all my life, and my first response to a challenge is to make a list.  So off I go to merrily write things down in an orderly fashion before moving on to the delight of ticking them off when they're done.

So Winter, let the game begin.

1 comment:

  1. I cant imagine how horrible it must be to suffer from SAD. I hope the measures you put in place do the trick for you.