Monday, 30 December 2013

Proud little doorstop

I've got really bad at thinking what to write; knowing what I want to 'show and tell' is one thing, writing about it in a way that makes sense is quite another!  Therefore, without further ado, here's my latest make.  It's a doorstop to replace the crappy little knitted one I made when we first moved in.

I cut out six 15cm x 15cm squares, sewed them into a cube template...

...then into a cube.  I made a handle, attached it, stuffed the new doorstop with the old doorstop and some stuffing and fabric bits then sewed it closed.  The fabric was an upholstery remnant that I've had for years so I was pleased to use some of it up.

Lot's of people say "Oh I could never make anything, I'm too stupid", but most people do far more complicated things many times every day.  Can you really say you're too stupid to join two pieces of fabric together, yet you can drive a car, hold down a job,raise a family, use a computer and lots of other mind boggling tasks?!  We're all capable of making things as soon as we take the pressure off for it to be perfect and just enjoy making something instead of relying on a stranger in a factory somewhere to make it and for a big company to sell it to us.  So my new year challenge is:

Just give it a go!


  1. It's lovely, and your new year challenge is one we should all make. Happy New Year.

  2. Wow this is such a good idea! I have just bought a sewing machine and am looking for projects to ease my way into using it, this looks perfect :)