Thursday, 12 December 2013

Upcycled baby fleece

It's been weeks since my last post and I'm annoyed with myself as there have been so many things I've done where I've thought "Oh, I must put that on my blog" then not got around to it.  I think most bloggers are familiar with that feeling!  Since my last post I've been doing lots of hand sewing so I'd like to get back into my blogeration by writing a quickie tutorial for something I made on Tuesday.

I had a naked hot water bottle and wanted to clothe it so I snapped up this baby sized fleece when I saw it in a charity shop for £2.

I chopped off the arms, cut off the bottom to shorten it a little and trimmed down the sides.

I put the arms aside incase I think of something to do with them.  Legwarmers for a dog?!

I turned it inside out, pinned it, and cut off the corners so I'd have rounded corners when it was sewn.

I then sewed around the open sides, turned it right side out and popped in the hot water bottle.  Simple as that!  It took less than half an hour and was a fun and useful project.  If I can find more fleeces the right size I'd like to make more for gifts.

I sewed this 'by eye' ie. without measuring it as the fleece was already nearly the right size, so it shows what a simple project this is.  I want to share pics of other things I've made but will have to wait until the weekend to take photos when I can get some daylight.


  1. Very creative! I would nt have thought of doing that!

    1. Thanks, I'm always on the look out for useful bits in charity shops and get a lot of inspiration from browsing Pinterest.