Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Upcycled patchwork

Here's what's been keeping me good for the past few weeks; old shirts!  Inspired by Frugal Queen's tutorial on using old shirts for quilt making (you can find it here).  I've used some of Mr CB's old shirts that are too big for him and bought some at 3 for £1.49 in a charity shop bargin bin.  I've bought several others two, all for under £2 each.  All are in good condition and either cotton or good quality poly cotton.  I also got a like new cream coloured sheet for the background colour for £1.50. It's amazing how much fabric is in a men's shirt.  These are some of my unpicked shirts, tied into bundles and ready to be ironed and chopped up.

I've got an old sewing machine but it doesn't work very well so I'm using the English Paper Piecing method and making lots of  1 1/4 inch hexagons on paper templates...

...sewing them together into flower motifs...

...and joining them to make the quilt top...

It will take awhile to make as I'm doing it all by hand but I'm really enjoying it and in the mean time I can be on the look out for a duvet cover in good condition to use as a backing for the quilt.  The only new material I'll need will be batting for the middle layer of the quilt so that will be the only expensive bit.  Hours of thrifty fun!


  1. This will be fab. Is it very time consuming doing it in hexagons like that? I love the effect but not sure I would have the patience! Maybe I should do a cushion first?

  2. Yep, it's going to take ages! I like having a big project running whilst making little things too though.

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    1. Thanks! It's good to see you on here.

  4. How is the project progressing? Froogs xx

  5. It was flying along until I got tendonitis in my middle finger from sewing, crocheting and knitting so much! I’ve had to take a break from it to rest my hand but have got the itch to get back to it. Fortunately I’ve bought a sewing machine recently so that’s keeping me occupied.