Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cushions and scones

 I ordered a bundle of fat quarters from Sew Crafty earlier this week and today I've been using them to make cushion covers.  I love this sweet shop fabric, I matched it with red polka dot fabric on the back (not shown as I quickly snapped the photos and forgot).  The cover is 16 inches square which I made deliberately smaller than the cushion pad to make it squishy and full, following a tip from a good sewing friend.

I've seen this sewing tape fabric around in a few places and have had my eye on it.  The back is creamy yellow.  Both cushions have envelope backs rather than zippers or buttons. 

I got part way through making a third cushion but my machine suddenly decided not to play and the stitches went uneven and messy.  I was tired by then so after unpicking, changing the needle and fiddling around with the tension to no avail I put it all away and made scones instead (lovely gluten free ones based on this one but with chopped up crystalised ginger).  

If in doubt, make scones.

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