Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The simplest of simple tips for writers block

I was annoyed yesterday when I set aside a large chunk of time to write without interruptions or distractions and couldn't think of a thing to write.  I have a couple of stories I've been working on, some ideas for other things and access to infinite online writing prompts and yet I continued to sit there clicking between stories, doing nothing.  I looked up writer's block to see what tips I could find and the one that worked for me was as simple as it gets:  Get up, make a cup of coffee, write for 25 minutes.  Both the coffee and the short time limit worked.  I wrote for 15 minutes on a story, got up to stretch for a minute or two and wrote for another 15 minutes.  Framing a small amount of time to write in was effective because I was able to tell myself that if I just wrote whatever came into my head for 25 minutes I'd have made progress and now I feel freed up again.

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