Saturday, 26 April 2014

What colour is Wednesday?

When I look ahead to a free weekend with no plans I see two equal sized boxes in my mind, ready to be filled or not filled.  The boxes sit side by side, are attached to each other and are transparant.  Through them I can see the colours of my home, not clearly defined but more as a wash of various colours in the background.  I've always carried a visual image of the days of the week in my head and it never occurred to me that I did until a colleague turned to me last year and asked "What colour is Wednesday?"  I told her it was dark blue and she said "Ah, you do it too."  We found that we agreed on some of the days as the same colours and others as different.  In my mind's eye the week looks like this:

Monday = Light blue
Tuesday = Light green

There's a small gap between Tuesday and Wednesday

Wednesday = Dark blue

Another small gap between Wednesday and Thursday

Thursday = Dark orange and at I slight peak above the first three days
Friday Morning = Purple
Friday Afternoon = Red

Saturday and Sunday = Red and boxed off from the other five days

When I try to imagine not seeing the week like this I can't get my head around it.  I just can't plan the week without this framework appearing in the background.  I find that when someone describes how they visualise it (or don't at all - shock) it makes me feel a little off balance, almost "What?  How can you live like that?".

Today's box so far has been filled with a little of this and that; writing, knitting, soaking in the bath, making soup, cleaning the house and continuing my sift of all the clutter in my home.  It's been a gentle rhythm that I suddenly realise has actually relaxed me after the work week of madness.  Weekend pottering is good stuff whatever colour the day is.

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  1. You might well have a mild type of synaesthesia, check it out:)