Sunday, 11 May 2014

Charity Shop Gold: Moka Pot

Yesterday I found something in a charity shop for ages.  It's a moka pot for making coffee and was worth the wait to get it.

It's a lot simpler to use than I thought it would be.  Cold water goes in the bottom chamber, ground coffee in the middle section and then you heat it on a medium heat until the coffee bubbles through to the top chamber.

Then you mix it with hot water and milk for a wonderful cup of coffee (or drink it on it's own for an espresso like hit).  I love good coffee and think this tastes better than coffee from our filter machine.  I found detailed instructions for making coffee in a moka pot here along with conflicting advice in the comments section; what else is the internet for if not for getting confused by contradictory advice?  It varied from one person laying down Rules In Set In Stone that you MUST follow in order to get good coffee, to another saying bung the coffee in and just go for it (I liked that one).

I love this and it's a good job I've got de-caff coffee in the house as well as regular as I keep wanting to make coffee in it but don't want to buzz about all day!

It's a blustery and cold day here in West Yorkshire so I'm going to take my coffee upstairs into the bedroom, where it's warm and bright, write and enjoy being inside while the weather's so uninviting.  I want to crochet but have reached 'Saturation Point' with it ie. I've done too much of it and now my finger hurts.  Ah well, gets me to focus some quality time on writing instead though, which is a good thing.

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