Saturday, 3 May 2014

Escape from Facebook

This is how I wrote this post originally; it was self righteous and annoyed:

I used to have a Facebook account but deleted it because I found it a negative and messy place to be.  Recently I opened a new one because so many of my extended family are on there.  How long did I last before deleting it again?  Three weeks.  Returning to Facebook reminded me of the two main reasons I left the first time around.  The first thing that struck me on returning to Facebook was the clutter;  I felt like everyone's stuff was scattered all over the place, in my face whether I liked it or not.  To me it felt claustrophobic and messy, closing in endlessly.  Secondly, and the biggest reason, is the sheer amount of everyday meaness and negativity.   Part of this is receiving friend requests from various people who made my life hell when I was younger;  it hit home when I got a friend request from a man who bullied me mercilessly every day at school from when I was 5 to when we went our separate ways at 16.  There also seems to be a lack of civilised exchange.  A discussion disintegrates into a viscious argument faster than you can say 'Dislike'.  I don't like the idea of all this aggression and negativity being chanelled into my home.

However, this is how it ends now:

I found out that to play Scrabble on my phone I need to sign in via Facebook so I've signed up again.  Everyone has their price; it turns out that mine is a board game I'm not very good at but can't resist.


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