Sunday, 4 May 2014


I've had two small victories with writing today which have spurred me on.  One is that I've reached 7000 words on the story I'm writing on, which is more than anything else I've written.  The most previously has been around 5000 words before it petered out and I found I was so bored by my own story I didn't want to go on.

The second small victory is that when I read back over what I'd written I found I wanted to know what happens next and where the story will end.  I think that as long as I'm curious I'm motivated to keep on moving things forward.  With this one I'm really trying to keep on asking questions when I get stuck or bored so that I'm digging deeper, trying new things and - hopefully - improving my writing.  I do have a rough outline but it's sketchy, so I've got lots of freedom as I go.  I've read how lots of writers won't start writing a story until they have detailed outline, and others don't plan at all, but so far I'm enjoying the middle ground.  I know roughly where I'm heading and I have notes on my characters, plot and ideas, but there's room to expand and adjust, which gives me a wonderful feeling of being unlimited and free.

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