Monday, 26 May 2014


I've got half a 'tah da' today because I've finished the 49 granny squares for a blanket I'm making...

...and today I've started joining them together with rich red yarn.  It's going to be fairly large, I'm aiming for generous throw sized.  I like to have a granny square project and some sock knitting in progress at any given time because they're both straightforward and I don't need patterns for them.  With this project I've enjoyed using up scraps from my stash of DK acrylic yarn and making some unlikely colour combinations which should work when they're all pulled together in one blanket.  Something I like about this sort of project is that the squares themselves can be way out in their colours but all the squares balance each other out when they're joined.  Each of these granny squares is 5 rounds and three colours.  Joining them is a big task but I love getting stuck in.

The second square thing is a typewriter I bought in a charity shop for £5 yesterday.

It's a Silver Reed Leader Two and is in very good condition.  It needs cleaning because there are crumbs and hairs under the keys but it's well oiled and works well.  Most of the ribbon is still moist because it was wound up and kept in a case.  I want to clean the platen, which is the only really grubby bit (blobs of white out), give the case a wipe down and get the dust out of the inside of the machine.  This is my second typewriter.  My other one is an Olivetti Lettera 32 and was my Dad's.  I'll write more about both of them soon because I think they deserve a (loving, adoring) blog post of their own.

A third third thing which is suspiciously un-square for me is that I've joined a gym and will be starting with an induction tomorrow.  It's a budget gym in the centre of Leeds and I was impressed when I had a tour of the place so I'm going to give it a whirl as I want to improve my overall fitness and flexibility.  I'll report back on it over the next few days!


  1. Good find. You might want to think about buying in a stash of ribbons though as they are disappearing now everyone seems to text or email.

  2. There are some sellers on Ebay who sell generic ribbons that you then wind onto the old spools from you typewriter. That's what I did with my Olivetti and it was fairly successful but I havn't wound it on tight enough. It was also very messy! I'm going to look for cleared instructions on how to do it next time.