Friday, 30 May 2014

The Gym

As I mentioned on Monday I've joined a gym. I've tried working out at gyms before and not at all enjoyed the experience, but I want to get fit and healthy so I've swallowed my doubts and given gyms a second chance.  The gym I've joined, with Colin and a friend, is The Gym in the centre of Leeds, just a couple of minutes from where we all work (too close to avoid on a lazy day!).  We visited it two weeks ago and they offered us a tour.  It had lots of equipment, was spacious and had a good atmosphere.  It also helped that the guy who showed us around didn't try to sell us membership!  He gave us a discount code to get the joining fee for £10 instead of £20 and let us go without any pestering.

I'm two visits in now and finding it to be a different experience from the other gyms I've tried.    I like the fuss-free atmosphere and not feeling cramped up.  The staff are very helpful, everything's clean and in good condition and there's enough variety of equipment to keep me interested.  The biggest difference is that I'm enjoying it!  It feels good to be challenging myself and to know that I'm doing something positive for myself.  I was surprised at how much it's helped me wind down after work; after 15 mins of cycling hard I'd left the day's stress behind, and by the time I got home and showered I felt more relaxed than I have in months.

We've agreed to nag each other to go if our motivation flags, and I've promised myself that if I really can't be bothered at any point I'll go anyway, do something gentle and that will probably get me in the mood.  I want to feel fit and healthy for once in my life, and to know I'm building myself up stronger than before.  I'm forever getting aches and pains, feeling sluggish and ill so I need this boost and I've finally decided it's worth putting in the effort in to do it.

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