Saturday, 1 November 2014

Leeds Dock

Today me, Mr Crafty Blueberry and a fine fellow of a friend from the olden days in Stoke had a tourist day in Leeds.

We took a free water taxi... a food and craft market in the newly re-branded Leeds Dock...

...where the chaps played with some sculpture...

...and we had a good look around the riverside.

The water taxi was fun, especially as we just found out about it as we wandered past the stop on our way to town.  The food market wasn't really my think - lots of expensive street food really - but it was good to see so many people at the former Clarence Dock; hopefully it's getting anew lease of life.  I can see it being a great place to be in Summer so I'll definitely go back.

After Leeds Dock we walked into town, had a drink in the comfortable Palace pub then had chips and a good look around Kirkgate Market.  We had a wander around town and visited favourites like Global Tribe Crystals, a friendly, welcoming shop in the centre of town that sells crystals, oracle cards, jewellery, candles and lots of other nice things (I work around the corner and have occassionally popped in on particulary bad days just because it has such a wonderful atmosphere - I actually come out feeling refreshed).  It was good being a tourist in my own time and I think it's a great thing to do from time to time, I find I discover something new every time by exploring with a an open mind.

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