Saturday, 8 November 2014

Quilted Coasters: First Attempt

If there was ever a day for a rainy day project it was yesterday:  heavy rain all day, cold and unappealing, no reason to leave the house.  I've been wanting to have a go at quilting for ages so, using this pattern as a guide, I made a set of 3 quilted coasters.

I cut out 3 5 ince x 5 inch squares of leftover Christmasy fabric, 3 of plain red and 3 of batting.

For each coaster I laid the fabric pieces with right sides together, laid them on top of the batting and sewed the sandwich together,

I then turned it right side out, sewed the open edge together and sewed all around the edge.

Then it was time for the fun bit:  Quilting!  I freehand quilted wavey lines back and forth, which gave a finished effect that looked more complex than it was (bonus!).

After securing the loose threads I had three wonky but festive coasters.  

They're all different slightly different sizes and are a definition of the word 'bodged' but I'm happy with them.  I enjoyed having a go at quilting and want to make a set as a gift next.  I'll be more careful with cutting the fabric and should be able to make them neater next time.  I'd rather have a go and make a mess than never try something new though.  It's important to put our inner critic aside and have a go, regardless of how imperfect the results may be.  There are so many people who won't try anything new, however small, because they're scared they won't get it perfect.  Worse, there are plenty of critics who are happy to mock people for making something bodged and wonky who won't have a go themselves!  Lets show them; go make something, bodge it if you have to and have a great time in the process.

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