Sunday, 16 November 2014

The good, the bad and the homebrewed

There's been success and failure in making things today.  Here's the summary:

1)  Quilted table mats: Bad.  Measuring and cutting took me ages and in the end I got it wrong anyway.  Then I sewed seams of varying widths, bunched up my fabric and generally made a dog's dinner of it.  I ended up snatching some usefulness from the jaws of defeat by using them to practice quilting on.  No pics as they're just too awful!

2)  Gluten free Christmas cake:  Good.  I used a free Dove's Farm recipe from Holland and Baratt.  There was a slight hiccup when I got asked for ID when trying to buy the brandy; Mr CB had to go back in and buy it for me *blush*.  It's looking good, a little flatter than a cake made with wheat flour but that's not unusual. Once it's cool I'll wrap it up and 'feed' it with brandy once a week until Christmas.

3) Covered diary: very bad.  I followed these instructions and made sure I got a spray glue that could be used on fabric but it soaked through the cotton and is a right mess.  Needless to say I won't be giving this as a gift after all and will just use it myself.  I might try making a sewn cover next weekend instead (once my confidence has recovered after this week's sewing fail).

4)  Homebrew:  I started a demi john of rose wine off and it all went smoothly but with homebrew only time will tell.  It came from a kit though and they're usually reliable.  It's sitting by the radiator next to the cat begs, looking like a new pet.

5)  Socks:  Good; socks are always good.  I've cast on a new pair which I'm making out of left over odds and ends from my sock yarn stash.  I've knit socks in this way before and they're fun to make because I never know what the finished socks will look like.

6)  Fish curry:  Good.  Not made by me, this was Mr CB's idea when he spotted some cheap cod in a supermarket bargain bin yesterday.  He cooked it in curry paste and yoghurt and mixed in lots of vegetables so we've got enough for lunch tomorrow.  Just as well as it was delicious.

On top of that lot me and Mr CB finally cleaned the yard up.  It's the first chance we've had to get out and clear away the old plants, sweep up the leaves and cover the bench.  I can't put too much garden waste in the bin otherwise the bin men kick off, so I'll have to wait until next week to throw away the rest of the plants and pull up the weeds.  Still, it's a vast improvement.  

All in all a busy Sunday.  Fun though, because I love to be making things and trying things out and if something goes badly all I've ever lost is time and some cheap materials.  Worth it for when things do go right and more fun than sitting around watching TV and doing some thumb twiddling.

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