Thursday, 13 November 2014

Upcycled Patchwork: Progress

Last Winter I decided to have a go at patchwork, something I'd wanted to do for ages.  I decided to stick with the best of the tradition and only use upcycled fabric.  By December I'd made loads of hexagons and was joining them together (here) then calamity struck and my hand got too painful to do anything much so the whole project went on hold, bundled into shoe boxes under the bed.

This brings me to last weekend when I did some machine sewing and got bit by the sewing bug all over again.  I've been doing more Reiki day to day recently and also learning about crystal healing so I put it to the test by doing Reiki on my injured hand every morning and evening and using a magnesite crystal on my hand every night too.  I've been blown over by the result; my hand's gone from stiff and painful to nearly back to how it used to be, just a little soreness if I do a whole evening of hand sewing.  I'm delighted and my patchwork is back on track.  Here's how it's looking at the moment (but less blurred in real life):

I've used a sleeve from ten different second hand men's shirts so far and have three more to chop up.  There's so much fabric in a men's shirt!  As you can see I've got loads of each fabric left for future projects.  The hexagons between the 'flowers' are made of two old sheets which cost £3 altogether and I havn't spent more than £1.50 each on the shirts.  Several of then came from Mr Crafty Blueberry's side of the wardrobe when he lost a few stone and happily gave them to me to chop up.

It's good to be stitching again!

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