Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 reasons to do your 2015 gift shopping now

  1. Sales:  The most obvious reason is that you’ll get gifts way cheaper now than if you wait for Winter 2015 to roll around again before you start.  No explanation necessary for this one!

  1. Cunning timing:  You can wait out the sales for the sweet spot later in January when many retailers cut prices further.  Take Boots for example; I’ve been in and got the premium, quick selling gift sets that I really wanted to get, but in a couple of weeks I’ll be going back for gift sets which weren’t so well put together (cheap looking packaging, stingy contents etc) and if they’re well reduced I’ll get some to take apart and recombine to make better ones.

  1. Time to think:  Hit the shops now and you have time to drift around with a list of people you want to buy for, as well as some gift ideas (see below) and decide if something’s a good deal before buying it; no paying through the nose in a panicked spending spree for you in 2015

  1. Ideas:  Christmas is a good time to pick up killer ideas for next years gifts.  I had no idea my Mum loves the Soap and Glory range of cosmetics but this Christmas I picked up enough info to bang it right to the top of my gift list for post-Christmas shopping.  If you noticed Grandma wistfully admiring the slippers you bought for Mum  now’s a good time to get her a pair while the idea’s fresh in your mind.

  1. Value:  Every year I see gorgeous things that I’d love to treat my loved ones with but which are out of my budget...that year.  I make a mental note to check them out in the sales and if they’re marked down I snap them up with the happy feeling that I’ll be able to deliver that lovely thing after all.

  1. Children:  Kids toys and clothes are pretty insanely expensive but they’re also pretty insanely fashionable, so as soon as Christmas is out of the way the shops what to get rid of them fast to make way for the new season’s toys.  Since it would be a spoilt five year old indeed who would be upset by getting a 2014 Dr McStuffins doll in 2015, it’s great way to plan ahead.

  1. Budgeting:  I find it useful if I can get most of my gift shopping done in January because that’s almost all my gift spending accounted for from one month’s pay packet.  I’d rather divert some funds from my savings now and know where I stand for the rest of the year.

  1. Less pressure:  Next November and December, when others are wondering how they’ll cover gifts, food and social occasions you’ll have at least one of those covered.  Try to keep your smugness to yourself and look sympathetic though!

  1. Better gifts:  Instead of buying something lame at the last minute you’ll be able to take your time and give a gift that the person you’re buying for will be genuinely glad to receive.

  1. Handmade:  If you’re planning on making gifts for people in 2015 buying your materials now could save you an arm and a leg.  You’ll also be able to get nice gift boxes, bags, tissue paper etc super cheap, so you can present your handmade gift in the beautiful wrapping it deserves.

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