Friday, 2 January 2015

Celestarium revisited

In April 2013 I took on quite an ambitious knitting project, the Celestarium shawl.  I made an earnest start then put it down in favor of easier projects, occasionally picking it up again before getting fed up and abandoning it again.

Such is the way of knitting.

A couple of days ago I picked it up again as I was bored of all the fun but mindless knitting and crochet I'd been doing.  I longed for something more in depth and the part done shawl came to the rescue.  Since then I've spent hours at a time pouring over the chart, knitting, hooking beads into place and watching it grow.  I have been totally absorbed in the process, I've been in the "Just one more round" mentality where I havn't wanted to put it down, and when I have I've been eager to get back to it.  In short, I'm in The Zone.

If you're a maker or a doer of any kind you'll know what I mean:  It's that project where everything comes together, your mood matches the task perfectly and your skills and attention are just what the project requires.  It. Is. Bliss.

I've fallen in love with this shawl all over again and once again find myself wondering how anyone was insane/clever enough to create a chart for knitting the stars of the Northern Hemisphere as a circular shawl.

Now, I wonder if my next post about Celestarium will be me finishing the shawl or me picking it up again in two years time?

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