Friday, 10 July 2015

Becoming a Reiki Master

I mentioned here that in Spring I became a Reiki Master and it's been such a turning point for me that it's well worth writing about. 

About eight years ago I sat down heavily at my desk in the busy office I worked in looking and feeling awful, just totally run down. I got talking to a new colleague who asked if I was feeling OK, and when I told her that I felt tired and unwell all the time she asked me if I’d ever tried Reiki.  “Reiki? Is that a martial art?” I replied, with no idea what she could be talking about.  She was a Reiki practitioner, she told me all about it and later that week I had a treatment with her.

I’d never experienced anything like it.  I was walking around smiling and telling everyone I knew about it.  After a few more treatments I wanted to get attuned so I could self-heal and share it with others.  My colleague introduced me to her own  Reiki Master, Helen Lawson, and I went for my attunement.

After that attunement I felt like I was waking up, and it was wonderful to be able to introduce my friends and family to that beautiful healing energy. A year later I took my second attunement and I felt amazing afterwards but didn’t know if I’d ever take the Master attunement.  

Years passed and Reiki remained part of the background of my life until a good friend who’d I’d introduced to Reiki years before told me he was going to receive his Master attunement and that our Reiki Master would love it if we took the attunement together.  This planted the idea inside me, but I didn’t want to rush into it.  I asked for guidance from my Reiki guides and started using Reiki more in my everyday life.  I gave more treatments, gave myself more self treatments, and used it for space clearing and charging crystals. One night I lay in bed with my hands on my stomach, giving myself Reiki when I asked my guides to give me a sign that I was ready for the attunement.  The heat in my hands took off, and I felt energy spread up and down my body.  I took that to mean “YES!”

I booked the attunement and committed the next couple of months to studying Reiki in more depth and getting to know it and my relationship with it better.  Finally I received the Master attunement and felt like a door that had previously been ajar had been fully opened.  I felt not that I’d completed my Reiki training but that I’d finally begun, and that it would be an exciting life-long journey. My issues with anxiety and self-doubt shrank back to be replaced by confidence and a passion to give Reiki my best and be a loving warrior of light.  That’s how my passion for Reiki was woken up, how I came to feel more like me than I ever had before.

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